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Mighty Mowers Lawn and Landscape, LLC

Tip of the Week

To aid in insuring a healthy turf 1/3 of grass blades should be cut each visit and 1.5 inches of water is needed per week for optimum performance.

Licensed Horticulturist
Landscape Contractor 09-2353
Fully Insured


How mighty is your mower?

Take the checklist challenge to see.

Let’s start with easy questions first.
  1. Provide terrific customer service through years of experience and knowledge?
  2. Are reliable and dependable?
  3. Competitively priced?
  4. Have uniformed personnel that are courteous and respectful of your pets and property?
  5. Leaves a supervisor signed checklist at the end of EACH visit to insure a clean and manicured lawn and garden and aid in any communication needed?
  6. Licensed and Insured?
Here is where the questions begin to get harder…
  1. Are familiar with working with P.O numbers, contracts, and payment draws as required by many commercial companies and their projects?
  2. Have their company name and horticultural license number prominently displayed on their vehicle according to state law?  This is a biggie!
    • Did you know, according to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture, if these are the findings of their inspector, the job is put on hold until a hearing is reached and fines are paid?
  3. Are members of civic and local organizations and affiliated with a professional landscape or nursery association?
    • Mighty Mowers is an active member of the Jefferson Chamber, the Plaquemines Association of Business and Industry, the Louisiana Small Business Association and the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association.
  4. Gives back to the community via sponsorships and time?
    • For years Mighty Mowers has financially sponsored many local school sports teams, clubs and organizations for special needs, and volunteered their time the metro NOLA area. They also donate  to many national organizations including: Susan G. Komen, JDRD, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, American Red Cross, Juvenille Diabetes, March of Dimes, and American Heart Association.

We pass with flying colors!


“Our garden is beautiful all year thanks to Mighty Mowers!”

Janine-Crown Point

“Very timely and efficient- great job!”

“Reliable, thorough, and meticulous.”

“Excellent service and reliable. I would recommend this company to family and friends with confidence.”


“Reliable, good, fast. Very pleased.”

Leonard Jeansonne, Terrytown